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Frequently Asked Questions




What do I need for practice?

Before your 1st practice you must have a physical card, activities code, concussion awareness form and practice agreement form turned in. During practice - you will want a water bottle, comfortable running shoes, and running clothes appropriate for the weather.

What time should I get picked up from practice?

Please refer to the practice schedule calendar to see the approximate time you can get picked up.

What are the rules for riding home from meets?

A student CANNOT ride home with anyone other than their parents unless it has been approved by Mr. Krull pior to a meet. Also, all athletes must be signed out by a parent prior to leaving a meet.

What do I need to bring to a meet?

Water / Food / Change of clothes / Uniform / Running Shoes / On occassion – money for concessions


Will I need to leave school early for meets?

The time in which we leave school will depend upon the start time of the race. Our leave time will allow for us to have one hour prior to the start of the race to walk the course and warm-up.

What do I need for a uniform?

You will receive an AF Middle School Cross Country Team Running Shirt and a black under shirt for cooler meets. You will need to have black or green shorts for the meets and a pair of running shoes. The team shirts will need to be returned at the end of the season.

**** There will be an option for you to purchase another cross country shirt and that information will be given to you.

What if I need to miss practice or school?

*If you are not in school, you cannot go to practice or a meet that same day.

**If a runner is present during the school day and does not report to practice, we will call home.  

***If you are in school but need to be excused from practice, please inform one of your coaches before practice that night.  

****Please do not schedule appointments during practice times or the day before a meet if it is at all possible.

How does the late bus work?

There is a late bus available for students who live out of town. There are several different drop off sites and you will need to check with the office to see which bus you will need to take. If you are going to take the bus, we will provide you with a bus pass and you will board a bus at the middle school at 5:30. That bus will take you to another bus at the high school. From there you will take  the appropriate bus to get home.  

****Please note that most of our practices end between 4:45 and 5:00pm. If you need to ride the late bus we will expect that you remain under our supervision until you board the bus. If you are not riding the bus, you are expected to leave when practice is over.  



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